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  1. State the link to the page on this site that violates your copyright
  2. Include evidence supporting that the contents are purely your work, or the copyright is owned by you. Examples of proof can be done by including a link to the original contents
  3. Send the claim to the Contact Us column for our review
  4. Give a 7 day grace period, because there is a possibility our team is offline
  5. If your lawsuit is logical and proven, we will immediately remove the contents that violate your copyright and will file an apology via email or contact us on your site. If your lawsuit is illogical and unproven, for example by the fact that you also commit the same copyright infringement, then the related contents will not be deleted, and you will be forced to submit an apology via email or Contact Us on this site. If your lawsuit is doubtful, I will send an e-mail reply to you to clarify the claim.
  6. The five items above feel quite fair and easy to do.


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